Anyone can throw an amp and speakers in your bike, we replace these systems on a regular basis.

We provide top of the line equipment!  When the right wiring harness & fittings connectors are used, this ensures the dependability we are known for.  All done in-house by our master installer and custom tuned to perfection! 

You leave with the clearest, the cleanest, the loudest sound possible. 

 Just having a loud system is not what you want. Clear, clean & loud is what we provide!

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 Master Installer Frank Santoro and his team


will take excellent care of you & your bike!


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 We offer a variety of sound options depending on the year and model of your bike.

We can build the system of your dreams, all for a very competitive price.

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These guys are the best! 4 Hertz 6.5’s, 2 in the fairing, and 2 in my lowers, power by Fosgate. Man, does it sound amazing! Special thanks to Frank, I know my 17 RG caused him some SERIOUS headaches! Yes Frank, I’m trying to get to the bottom of wether it was wrecked, and repaired, before I bought it.

~ Shannon DiNo DiNicola

Well all I have to say is this. If you want the best sound you can get, this is where you go. I took my 08 SG in Saturday morning the 18th of march. I left there with a big smile on my face. I rode past the J&M tent cranked mine up as I approached and they all turned their head to see what was really going on. They knew that that crap they are selling couldn't compare to what I had. The guys at daytona cycle audio are very knowledgeable when it comes to sound. Don't get fooled by the hype of J&M, biketronics, cycle sounds or any of them. The people at DCA are very professional with the install as well. It looks like it was made into the bike. So if you want the best you can get, DCA has the title in my book. I've been showing it off to everyone.

~ Eric Miller

I rode down to Daytona from western NC this past weekend and for 550 miles I could barely hear my radio from the wind and road noise. I talked to these guys Friday morning and a little after lunch I had 4 new speakers and an amp installed. Best money I've spent since buying the bike, heads were turning everywhere I went for the rest of the weekend. My ride home was cold and wet BUT I could hear every word of every song no matter how fast I was going. If you buy audio from anyone else you're wasting your money.

~ Drew Miller

Crank it up! Your Friends Will Be So Envious.

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