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Hi Tony, it was great meeting you and your team. Be safe!!!!    Quick story, I was in a car wash @Daytona and several guys pulled in with some big dollar custom Harley’s – body work and stereo’s.  Real nice bikes.   They pulled in the car wash, music blaring and we looked at each others bikes. They look at me and are thinking- another gray beards bike – nice but ho-hum.  After a very short period of time, they shut their bikes off and I used my USB and “cranked up” my 6 speaker system and they all looked at me and I could see what they were thinking – holy crap, this gray beards bike friggin kicks friggin but!  Multiple thumbs up.  The look was priceless – the stereo is great and my wife and I really enjoy the clear, crisp sound. Best wish’s – stay safe and see you next year.

~ Dave

“I own a 2016 Ultra. I bought the Rockford Fosgate 400W amp/rear speakers with Hertz front speaker package and had it shipped to Toledo. Now, I am just knowledgeable enough to be dangerous when it comes to installing audio. Let me tell you, the harnesses that were made up for my detachable tour pack worked perfectly. But where this place shines is their service. I called and talked to Frank on a Sat and he walked me through what I was a little fuzzy about, and I got everything installed and working, but not sounding too good. I text Frank again on EASTER SUNDAY and asked him to give me a call if he had time. He called back in 30 min and walked me through the setting up process of the head unit and the amp.
Let me just tell you…THIS THING ROCKS!! The only thing better than the quality of the product and sound, is the customer service I recrived!! Don’t waste your money buying from any one else. I will be the envy of NW Ohio at every Bike night I pull into this summer
Thanks Frank!!   You ROCK!!”

~ Bruce C. Greenawalt

“Excellent customer service and one-of-a-kind MC audio expertise. Trust me; I let some local car-audio dipshit work on my brand new $25K HD FLTRU – big mistake! I trailered my bike to Destination Daytona over 2100 miles r/t over a weekend and ended up having Frank @DCA rip it out and install a Rockford-Fossgate 400W amp/system with saddlebag woofs – 6 new speakers. I turn this thing up to max and a few things happen: 1) Can’t hear my exhaust, 2) people turn and look 2 blocks away, 3) birds fall dead from the sky…Seriously, I cannot believe the sound and quality; absolutely no distortion and a bump that I didn’t think possible on a MC.”

~ Gil Vega

By far the best stereo people I have found anywhere. The entire staff is beyond friendly and help you find the perfect set up for your bike. I have friends that have spent way more than i did and do not get near the sound quality or volume that i get. Don’t waste your time on listening to anything else. These are the guys you need to see. The technician that dials your amp in is amazing, he finds that sweet spot and then you are blown away. I was in the back of 4 bikes on 95 running 85 and the lead bike could still hear my stereo over his. Go see them and tell Tony the one legged biker from Tennessee sent ya. You will be so happy you went there!!!”

~ Buddy German


“I rode down to Daytona from western NC this past weekend and for 550 miles I could barely hear my radio from the wind and road noise. I talked to these guys Friday morning and a little after lunch I had 4 new speakers and an amp installed. Best money I’ve spend since buying the bike, heads were turning everywhere I went for the rest of the weekend. My ride home was cold and wet BUT I could hear every word of every song no matter how fast I was going. If you buy audio from anyone else you’re wasting your money.”

~ Drew Miller

“I dropped my road king off today. they installed the fairing, diamond amp and hertz speakers. It turned out amazing! Their work on the install was extremely awesome, very clean job. I highly recommended them!!! Thanks guys for a job well done. 1 happy costumer!”

~ Kris Rossman

Rob Johns

“Frank is a great guy to deal with, came down from Jax for him to take care of a flash. He had it done in minutes and even gave some tips on getting everything set up better than how Rockford tells you. If you are in or headed to Daytona and need audio make sure to check them out.”

Susy Kost

“Love this place! Such great guys! The stereo they put in our streetglide is amazing! We will never go anywhere else.”

Damien Johnson

“I rode down from NJ for Bike Week based off a recommendation from a prior customer. These guys took care of my 17CVOSG w/ the Focal & Hertz package. My system now rocks, I hear it perfectly doing 80. You guys rock, thanks for everything.”

Mike Groves

“Best addition you can find for your bike.
The stereo sounds great, service was the best I have found. Thanks Wayne and Frank.”

Mark E. Miller

“Shout out to these guys! My system NEVER sounded this good!! Service and install was excellent!! If ya need some sounds, go see em!”

Kim Frazier

“These guys did an awesome job with the fairing and sound system on my road king.”

Richard Jones

Great guys products and installs. The only people I would recommend.”

Edward Lopez

Great customer service and quality products! Thanks.”

Tony Hamble Jr.

A++++++ craftsmanship and customer service would definitely recommend Daytona Cycle Audio!!!”

Jan D. Seutter

Frank is the Best !!!!
I sure Appreciate him doing a Great Job on my Roadglide !!!!!!!
They hear me Coming the sound is Great!!”

Kathy Wescott

We live in Haines City. My husband had a new stereo system put on his bike at your place a year or so ago. It’s the best! We tell everyone about your place. We’ve got a friend coming down in February and again in March who is considering a new system.

Kevin Hancock

“Tony’s crew did an awesome job, great sounding tunes!!”  

Got the Hertz system on my 2018 road glide today and it sounds awesome. Would highly recommend these guys.

~ Josh Bacon

“Thank you Frank and Daytona Cycle Audio. I would highly recommend this place for any of your audio needs. Frank was both friendly and helpful while explaining the difference between available speaker options and what would be the best fit for what I was looking to accomplish. He installed the new hertz package and also installed new lights on the front of my bike and it both looks and sounds great. I am very happy with both the products and the service that I received and will definitely do business here again.”

~ Ricky Webb

“Well all I have to say is this. If you want the best sound you can get, this is where you go. I took my 08 SG in Saturday morning the 18th of March. I left there with a big smile on my face. I rode past the J&M tent cranked mine up as I approached and they all turned their head to see what was really going on. They knew that that crap they are selling couldn’t compare to what I had. The guys at Daytona cycle audio are very knowledgeable when it comes to sound. Don’t get fooled by the hype of J&M, Biketronics, Cycle sounds or any of them. The people at DCA are very professional with the install as well. It looks like it was made into the bike. So if you want the best you can get, DCA has the title in my book. I’ve been showing it off to everyone.”

~ Eric Miller

I just did an Upgrade and You Could Not Find A Better Place To Have It Done at than *Daytona Cycle Audio. Frank was Very Nice and Is so knowledgeable with what he does! Thanks Frank For The Great Customer Service and Making My System Sound Like A Concert Coming Down The Road. Wow Sounds Great. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DAYTONA CYCLE AUDIO FOR ALL YOUR MOTORCYCLE AUDIO /SPEAKER SOUND.

~ Phil Emrich

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