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To Flash Or Not To Flash?

Something to remember…subjective is the opposite of objective, which refers to things that are more clear-cut.  That Earth has one moon is objective – it’s a fact.  Whether the moon is pretty or not is subjective – not everyone will agree.  Facts are objective, but opinions are subjective and of course everyone has an opinion… and we are no different.

Audio is subjective, everyone wants to think their system sounds the best (and maybe it does to them).

We have not had to flash the last 100 or so bikes that only had front speaker and amp upgrades. We have found that the amps we use allow us to foll off the boom and bass that is associated with the new Harley radios.  By using a combination of adjustments on the amp (EG, crossover, etc.) we are able to achieve loud and clear sound without distortion.

When you need to flash

Anytime you add rear speakers you will need to get the radio flashed to activate the rear outputs. Harley conveniently left that out. Anytime you take out the Boom system in a CVO you will have to flash. The fader control goes through the Boom amp so when you disconnect it, you loose fader and rear output. You will also need to know where to get the rear outpus from the radio.  Depending on the model, there are different locations.  Having the proper harness and adapters for any model is key to a clean install.

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